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good morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. violent night in san jose police investigating two homicides that happened in a matter of hours. latest incident happened shortly after midnight. in east san jose. police say several people were standing in front of a house someone approached, shot one of the men and ran the victim died at the scene. investigators believe the shooting was gang-related. a few hours earlier 8:30 last night a fight broke out in the 100 block of south second street officers found a man on the ground not breathing he was taken to the hospital pronounced dead no word on how he died or suspects. san jose police investigating what led up to an officer-involved shooting along the caltrain tracks about 5:30 last night an emergency call was made about a person lying on the tracks.
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san mateo deputy was the first to arrive, santa clara county came to assist when the suspect was found to be uncooperatey, he took off deputies followed. >> the suspect displayed threatening behavior toward the officers that the san mateo deputy believed was a danger to his safety and that of the other deputies and he fired several rounds at the suspect. >> the suspect was hit twice, taken to valley medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. this morning, police in vallejo have a double killing of a dispute between neighbors. amy hollyfield is on the scene in vallejo with more. >> reporter: a lot of shock here that this could happen on this street. we jut met with a woman who is very emotional about these murders and the fact that it
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happened here. police say last night they found two bodies in a yard here. they figured out the suspect was in the home across the street, hostage negotiator convinced 65-year-old man to surrender and they arrested him. neighbors describe him as a vietnam vet who is emotional. and he's friends with the neighbors who are the victims. neighbors here say they all get together and drink, hang out, often argue over politics. but never turned violent they never even had a fistfight so people are stunned this happened. the suspect is described as neighborly, people say he likes to help out, always says hello, helps people wheel their trash cans to the curb. the victims are described as being 50 and 58-years-old. police haven't released any
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more information about them. police also haven't said what they believe the knowy was behind these murders which happened just after 6:00 last night in vallejo. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning, mitt romney and president obama are back out on the campaign trail wasting no time after their debate in denver. romney's campaign got a boost in momentum thanks to his aggressive critique of mr. obama's handling of the economy. but mr. obama fought back asking for specifics about how he would help the middle class. >> reporter: the first debate started with a shand shake -- which handshake and smile between president obama and mitt romney. then it quickly focused on the economy. >> the president: five million jobs in the private sector created. auto industry has come roaring back. housing has begun to rise.
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>> i know what it takes to get small business growing again to hire people. >> reporter: romney was aggressive most of the night but his comments about the 47% has taken a toll on his campaign. the president never brought up those comments and romney tried to move past them. >> under the president's policies middle income americans have been buried, crushed. i will not under any circumstances raise taxes on middle income families. >> reporter: the president challenged his rifle saying romney cannot keep his -- his rival saying romney cannot keep his -- >> the president: now he's saying his big bold idea is never mine. >> reporter: other topics included medicaid reform. while there wasn't a knock out punch from either side some feel the president may been too relaxed. >> he seemed a little detached at times didn't want to be there >> reporter: most agree romney led after lagging in many polls this first mav up could
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give him the boost he needed. >> knowing he's behind and he needs to win i think he put the president on the defensive a number of times. >> reporter: the candidates aren't wasting time, they are back on the campaign trail today. the next debate is next week when the al candidates go one-on-one. -- when the vice presidential candidates go one-on-one. >> if you missed the debate go to the next debate in danville, kentucky when vice president biden and congressman ryan will face off. abc will air the debate live. hiker in serious condition but some would say lucky to be alive thanks to menlo park firefighters. crews rescued an injured hiker who fell into the creek. menlo park fire department dropped ropes and pulleys to the woman and pulled her up.
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authorities say the hiker suffered significant injuries. today 400 people will stand together and form a large human pink ribbon to mark breast cancer awareness month. employees and construction workers at the site of the new hospital in san leandro will wear pink hats. kaiser says it is calling attention to better breast cancer protection and screening. this morning mark zuckerberg is announcing a billion people are using facebook actively each month that comes in the way of a thank you note this morning that reads. many thank you for giving me and my little team the money or of serving you. helping a billion connect is amazing, humling and by far the thing he is most proud of in his life.
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>> that's good news for mark zuckerberg. are we up or down, temperature-wise down. good morning. we are starting out with temperatures on the mild side overall you felt the cool-down yesterday. partly cloudy across the bay moderate onshore push in line for temperatures to drop into the 50s. as you head out not feeling too bad now you want to grab the jacket, temperatures today of course much cooler than we've expected with numbers in a more narrow range, all due to the onshore flow and healthy marine layer in the 50s if you step out, low 60s by noontime around the bay to upper 60s inland partly cloudy skies. by the afternoon 70s and 80s today. really seasonal, low 60s at our coast with sunshine breaks of sun at the shoreline. by 7:00, more cool numbers
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dropping back foot 60s feeling like autumn. next several days not much of a change a lot going on this weekend many temperatures feeling more like october. good morning. pardon my voice thanks to the american league west champions. san jose light traffic everything is flowing smoothly north 87 past hp pavillion. golden gate bridge good, roadwork on the north end of the span, both directions down to one lane should be picked up by 6:00 this morning. big story now is huge bart delay major delay pushing close to an hour now san francisco-bound trains due to stalled train between macarthur and 19th street. that train is still on the tracks, very, very big delays from downtown oakland and fremont sfo and millbrae direction we will be watching your about commute as that will most definitely be picking up due to those
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delays. right now drive times leaving altamont pass highway 4 westbound and 80 east shore freeway into the macarthur maze. sue hall caught a ball at the game yesterday. >> a foul ball, amazing. >> way to go. that -- next the industry on the rebound and thousands of jobs that are up for grabs. protecting your children's online privacy. music giant that federal regulators say failed to do that and wait is going to cost. move over amazon and voodoo taste are us wants to in-- toys "r" us wants to invite itself into your living room. >> reporter: record gas prices in california for this time of year pipeline closure and refinery problems sent prices up five cents in a day to an average of $4.2010 three. expected to keep claiming --
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average of $4.23 expected to keep claiming. -- >> there's an offer for folks who say they will leave the country if their presidential candidate does not win.
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. well coal back. -- welcome back. live picture of 80 in berkeley traffic speaks for itself. lisa argen telling me it is going to be a nice day there upper 60s after the fog gives way. very nice day on the way for the east bay. another twist in the gender discrimination case at silicon valley's top firm. the firm says she is still an employee, however, they say she being asked to transition out of the firm. how long sued in may claiming she was the victim of gender bias and retaliation. one million dollar fine may be on the way for the warner music group for what it did on fan websites of some
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celebrities. ftc says the operator collected personal details from fans around the fan websites of justin bieber, and others. the website operator collected personal information such as names, e-mail and street addresses and cell phone numbers of more than 100,000 children under 13. toys "r" us getting too the video streaming business. starting today the chain is launching the new digital service will offer 4,000 movies and tv shows that are all family-friendly suited to children. customers pay per rental download. it is -- good news, restaurant business spwaopling and highering from bartenders to hosts to executive chefs and catering managers. 21,000 people per month hired
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since 2010. many people are not buying cars, taking trips, but a trip to the restaurant not that hard nationally restaurant sales are up 3 1/2%. >> little luxury. i wouldn't be surprised if folks went out to eat the past few days because they didn't want to use their stove. >> too hot in the kitchen for sure. if you head out this morning, mild, despite low clouds and fog making their inland push numbers in the upper 50s to lower 60s, sun not coming up for another couple of hours, here's a look at live doppler 7 hd the fog has moved up the coast marin county, san mateo coast and a little across the bay, partly cloudy skies inland the changes began yesterday right now as you head out, probably don't need the heater in the car and the jacket, 60 in oakland not too
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bad out there as well as san rafael, napa, 58 in the city, the coast 60°. we'll continue to see the onshore push numbers coming way down today compared to yesterday, already 17° cooler in fremont as well as 3° cooler warmer from napa to santa rosa, the trend will be this, low clouds and fog at the coast, the push will continue throughout the next couple of hours, then of course it will retreat, cooler pattern today, the end of the workweek into the weekend not a lot of change more seasonal numbers. then the slight chance of showers mainly in the north bay monday we have an upper level low off the coast, it is close enough to the bay area that it is allowing for temperatures to come down that onshore push and a dose of low clouds and fog sitting at the coast for much of the day. getting to partly cloudy skies later. this will certainly influence our weather through the weekend.
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not until monday we could see a few raindrops. 63 in the city, 69 oakland, 76 concord, 79 livermore, 77 san say 79, 63 in monterey, looking inland, -- around morgan hill, upper 70s, here's the look ahead, about 80 today should do it. then more autumn-like numbers tomorrow into the weekend. blue angels and notice, not a lot of change in the days ahead. good morning sue. good morning. big story now is major bart delay. they are saying there's a stalled track between macarthur and 19 inn in oakland downtown oakland trains at a standstill, -- over pushing close to an area. downtown oakland in the fremont, sfo, millbrae, downtown san francisco direction we'll be following that for you. bay bridge commute obviously going to pick up because of
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this big bart delay live shot coming into san francisco so far light. macarthur maze from 580, 880 and 80 approach, relatively light, looks like 80 east shore freeway beginning to bunch up. waze app this is free, this is 880 through oakland area towards both directions actually looks like it is relatively cleary now once again bart pushing one hour delays east bay to san francisco direction. today on katie one of the most powerful women in silicon valley sits down with katie couric. facebook's chief operating officer is credited with helping the social networking giant become profitable.
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sheryl sandberg and the kate middleton lookalike on katie starting at 3 p.m.. it seems squirrels may have a little something to teach us about managing our money. researchers are following squirrels as they scamper around campus they say the squirrels don't just mind leslie form for food they engage in a long term safe s strategy, padding nest eggs even diversifying. they say we should learn to spread our investments out in different funds and manage those funds directly instead of relying on others to do it for us. so we can learn a lot from squirrels. >> i can see the reality show
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now, are you smarter and -- than a squirrel? the big names in the running for a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> students at east bay high school will be able to use their library in year.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive.
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call or click today. good morning. major bart delay east bay to downtown san francisco at least an hour now. stalled twain between macarthur and 19th street. finally getting trains through now delays will get back on schedule eventually for now from berkeley and contra costa
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county into san francisco, still one hour bart delays. this morning students at james logan high in union city has anonymous donor contacted the school after learning the library was closed because of budget cuts forcing the librarian to teach english. the donor sent the principal a check for $60,000 to hire a new english teacher. the librarian will return. notable names on this year's list of nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame. rush, public enemy and nwa, some of the returning favorites they join an eclectic group. 600 artists, music historians and people from the industry will choose the 2013 inductees.
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they will be honored next april in los angeles. next, president obama and mitt romney square off in their first debate. local supporters of both sides weigh in on who won. bitter political dispute that has a city council who is a former cop splitting from the police union. high temperatures today, coming down to more seasonal averages, 70 san mateo, 71 vallejo, upper 70s towards cloverdale, 77 san jose, upper 70s concord and livermore valley. airport delays around laguardia now with rain in the afternoon, otherwise nice forecast. we'll talk about tomorrow and the weekend which includes a more autumn-like number, coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. developing news in the east bay stalled bart train causing major delays. sue has been following the situation. that train has been cleared off the tracks this should be improving. right now if you ever coming from the east bay downtown oakland fremont direction into san francisco 60 plus minute delays at this point that train has been cleared, this
5:30 am
should be improving into the morning commute. we will be watching bay bridge traffic and the san mateo bridge another alternate you can see traffic getting heavy headed westbound from hayward towards foster city headed towards the highrise. bay bridge toll remaining light, no metering lights on. we'll follow that bart delay for you. developing news vallejo man has surrendered after a deadly double shooting. investigators believe it was a dispute between neighbors, but why? amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: that's the big question, i just spoke with a police officer who is on this case. he says, even officers were surprised by in one. they say this is not the typical homicide that they see here in vallejo. police found the bodies of two men who are in their 50s in a yard last night. they been shot to death. police then arrested an
5:31 am
acquaintance of theirs 65-year-old man. police hostage negotiators had to convince him to come out of his home and surrender. neighbors described him as a vietnam vet and says he has some emotional issues because of his experiences in vietnam. they say they've never seen him act violently. they say he often drank and argued politics with the victims. >> they are friends, because he's always coming over, helping out, talking, drinking, yeah. >> reporter: any idea what could have possibly caused in? >> i don't know what really happened. maybe something must have been said for him to get triggered that way. it is just shocking especially he comes to my house, we chat. >> reporter: the victims were 50 and 58-years-old. police haven't released their names, they were found in a yard that was just after 6:00 last night the group often
5:32 am
would sit out in the driveway, drink, talk, argue politics. but neighbors say, it was never violent. they never even had a fistfight. witnesses say they heard six to eight gunshots fired last night. police say they don't know the motive. they say the suspect is refusing to give a statement. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is back on the campaign trail for mitt romney and president obama this morning after last night's first presidential debate in denver. a strong showing from romney who went on the offensive criticizing the president's spending record. >> you've been president for four years you said would you cut the deficit in half, we still have trillion dollar deficit. if you are reelected we'll get to a trillion dollar debt. >> romney actaed the president's handling of the economy saying mr. obama spent most of his energy pushing through sweeping overhaul of
5:33 am
health care instead of focusing on job creation. >> the president: at some point, i think the american people have to ask is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret, balls they are too good? is it because that some -- because they are too good? is it because that somehow middle class families will benefit too much? >> pundits are saying romney's aggressive performance last night was what he needed to do to generate much needed momentum for his campaign. >> bay area voters tuned in to watch and react. >> romney was came out much stronger than probably obama figured he would. >> i think obama kept his cool. i think he has answered everything in reasonable, honest, nonmud-slinging way.
5:34 am
>> there was also reaction to the performance of the moderator, many critiqued him for allowing the candidates to keep talking well beyond their time limits. next debate a week from today in kentucky when biden and ryan face off. the vp debate -- >> san francisco archdiocese will install a new archbishop this afternoon. two thousand people are expected to watch cordileone become the city's 9th archbishop appointed by the pope in july to replace retiring george niederauer. cordileone was bishop shop of oakland. gay rights supporters plan to protest outside today's event. cordileone is due in court next tuesday to face a d ui charge in san diego. gay activist group calling on local politicians to
5:35 am
boycott today's installation mass. they plan to lead a protest outside st. mary's in san francisco. the sisters held a purification ceremony at castro and market streets yesterday. they say the church has no business condemning same-sex marriage. >> don't get involved in secular politics, that's all we are asking. do your job and stay out of everyone's lives. >> the archdiocese of san francisco did not want to comment to abc 7 news about today's planned protest. this morning, protest will be held at google over its decision not to remove an anti-islamic movie clip from youtube. the movie produced by a southern california pill many maker sparked violent protests overseas. organizers of this morning's protest plan on meeting at 10:00 and asking google to take the 13 minute trailer off its site. so far google halls refused saying the company is not in the business of censorship. it has taken down the video in
5:36 am
several countries where unrest has taken place. a san jose city councilmember has resigned from the police officers' association over moves by the board of directors. former san jose police officer has held the seat on the board. last night he stepped down over what he says are hypocritical endorsements of political candidates who backed the pension reform effort measure b. the association has been backing candidates who privately told the association that they oppose measure b, publicly telling voters they support it. a's preparing for post-season they enter the playoffs saturday as champs of the american league western division. a's and 36,000 fans celebrated yesterday. the team swept the rangers to win the division title on the final day of their regular season. >> it is fantastic, unbelievable! this is so great.
5:37 am
>> i've been waiting for the a's to get back to the championship, we are going to do it this year. >> to make the understatement of the year it has been an improbable season for the a's, 13 games back the end of june. they come all the way back and win it on game number 162. the a's and tigers meet in best of five series starts saturday in detroit, game time 3 p.m. our time, game two sunday detroit then back to oakland for a game or two or three, the best of five, those games in oakland start tuesday tickets on sale now. giants are going to meet the national league champion reds best of five series starting saturday. game time for the giants 6:30. if we get lucky and giants and a's bay bridge series does
5:38 am
happen, bart will see a lot of action. this morning bart is experiencing major delays that sue is tracking. >> right now, -- you felt the breeze early afternoon then some areas had that wind whipping and definitely the cool down throughout yesterday. right now live doppler really nice despite clouds moving into our east bay, we are looking at mild numbers to start, 60 napa, oakland as well as antioch winds are blowing in fact, gusty through the delta now that is setting the stage for the cool down for the entire bay area. this is all due to an onshore flow this afternoon we'll see winds out of the southwest up to 20 miles an hour going to keep temperatures in that narrow range, 60s and 70s. this morning mid and upper 50s as you head out. low 60s around the bay, upper 60s noontime, partly cloudy,
5:39 am
mostly sunny afternoon we'll need it to warm up, low 70s around the bay, near 80 that means upper 70s, concord, livermore look for low 60s. evening will be cool, temperatures dropping through the 60s again. look at tomorrow into the early part of the weekend, low clouds, fog, onshore push and the numbers staying in the 70s for the most part away from the bay. looking at the rest of the week into next week which could bring a few raindrops coming up. we are experiencing major bart delays right now the bad news. good news it should be improving now system wide, maintenance vehicle was stalled on the tracks between macarthur and 19 street in oakland and that has been cleared out of track they are single tracking through that area for the income few minutes. then things should -- for the next few minutes, then things should get back on track. no other delays with mass transit.
5:40 am
drive times if you are headed out normally would take bart and are going to drive, here's 580 highway 4 westbound and east shore freeway. i wanted to give you a live look of the macarthur maze into the bay bridge toll from 880, 580 and 80, flowing smoothly at the bay bridge. as bart delay starts to diminish maybe more people getting in their cars at this hour to take the bay bridge that's what it looks like now relatively light. one way is to download the waze app, free app this is the nimitz freeway through oakland now and it is clear san mateo bridge might be another alternate. once again one hour bart delays to download this app, 5:40 on this thursday morning. family pet targeted by thieves. next the emotional plea made by a 10-year-old girl and her family in hopes they will see little miko again there's a
5:41 am
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lot of traffic. we'll have a really typical more of a summer's day the fog in the morning and the sun temperatures back down to where we expect them to be this time of year maybe another heat up before the fall is over i look forward to that. today it going to feel like fall. $6,000 reward offered for the return of a dog stolen from the home of a devastated 10-year-old san jose girl. monday thieves broke through a sliding glass door and stole electronic equipment and a five-month-old dog named miko. >> that's what is so messed up about this many when they are making their quick buck they don't realize how much emotions are tied to this. this is just not a dog it is not money it is my daughter's heart. >> can you try to turn him into me it would mean the world to me if you turn him in. >> san jose police and fire unions and two city councilmembers pitched in to offer the reward the dog does
5:45 am
have a microchip they hope if somebody buys miko they will discover he has a chip and return him. bay area hero helping kickoff fleet week celebrations in san francisco. did you recognize captain sully sullenberger? touching down at san francisco international after a ride-along with the blue angels yesterday. the danville pilot landed a jet in new york's hudson river in 2009. he was credited with saving maybe everybody onboard. captain sully says it has been 32 years since he was in a fighter jet. look good. next the latest on huge bart problem, delays caused due to maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks in oakland. right now an hour delay for those of you from the east bay to san francisco, peninsula. sue is going to get the latest. next, major nationwide arts and crafts store on a
5:46 am
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good morning, low clouds and fog locally. we will see a sunny afternoon more like the season upper 50s and 60s later today you have to go into the sacramento valley to reach low 80s, more like 60s and 70s back home. it should be a pretty nice afternoon, but certainly, a big cool down from what we are used to. this morning, convicted embezzler is back in custody after two weeks on the run. 48-year-old jay shaw faces up to 35 years for his role in the dark prince real estate scam it involved three condos in san francisco . he formed deeds transfered condos to shell corporations took out loans on properties he jumped bail after a jury convicted him. california highway patrol says auto thefts can gone down in the state for the sixth year in a row. the in of auto thefts dropped
5:50 am
1.3% during the past year. they say it is -- due to enforcement, education and high-tech advancements that can help catch thieves. >> we have increased technology, license plate reader, lojack and our bait vehicles where we place cars in places where we want them to be stolen so we can take them into custody. >> the chp says more than 156,000 vehicles reported stolen last year, nearly 85% of them were recovered. the economic cost to californians last year was about one billion dollars. the morning commute is turning into a challenge for bart riders, maintenance vehicle stuck on tracks in oakland causing major delays. still with major delays, conflicting reports that maintenance vehicle still on the tracks between macarthur station and 19 inn in oakland.
5:51 am
trains are getting through, -- 19th in oakland trains are getting through slowly. right now system-wide delay, pardon my voice, up to an hour now. live shot if you are going to get in your car where you would normally take part some of the highways leading into is are getting extra crowded. live shot of east shore freeway towards the maze getting more crowded no major delays bay bridge toll minor delays for cash paying folks this will increase with folks getting in their cars due to major delays with bart system wide. alternate would be san mateo bridge headed eastbound looking good, westbound from hayward towards foster city getting a bit ed up towards the highrise and towards the san mateo area. one hour delays for bart at this time. they will be improving as they get the trains through the station. for now, big system-wide delays at least for now.
5:52 am
we'll update new a couple of minutes. -- we are looking at low clouds and fog making a comeback that should be no surprise yesterday winds, you saw the fog live doppler shows smattering of clouds partly cloudy, temperatures mild as you head out this is what i mean take a look at mountain view, 59, 60 san rafael, napa 60, 58 in livermore. narrow range as you head out you feel like you don't need the jacket but grab it. this afternoon breezy winds and much cooler. five degrees cooler in oakland than yesterday morning. it is 17° cooler in fremont. we are looking at that onshore flow to persist, west -- cool down to the inland valleys. a few 90s, not only today the last day of the workweek and we're talking into the weekend the cooler pattern will persist in fact, by monday,
5:53 am
we're talking about slight chance of showers just 1/10 of an inch it does happen in october so it could be the first of a little rain that we see. here's water vapor imagery, there is a sisttom offshore this area of low pressure spinning this is where it is going to stay the next several days. as it stays there we are looking at wind shift and cooler temperatures. today not too far off the mark from where we should be this time of year 74 palo alto, 73 fremont richmond only 65°, 76 in concord in towards livermore valley many so of the warmest numbers the winds now gusting to 33 miles an hour, through the delta those will ease but going to bring cooler air into the east bay. 65 in watsonville today, 68 in salinas, 74 in gilroy. the next seven days fee ter -- more autumn-like temperatures
5:54 am
today one of the warmer days, upper 70s to mid 70s, fleet week and around the bay, numbers are going to cool further for monday and tuesday. not looking too bad but certainly a big change. >> variety in october. if you plan on flying anywhere for the holidays, it is not too early to start thinking about it. you better book now. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. holiday air fares on the rise. priceline says average domestic round-trip ticket around thanksgiving 3% higher as airlines merge and cut flights. american says 48 of its boeing 757's are back in service after it inspected seat clamps that came loose on some flights. investors today eyeing the presidential race and jobs reports out today and tomorrow,
5:55 am
small gains for stocks yesterday on reports showing better than forecast growth in employment. craft store jo-ann's looking for 3,000 workers during the holidays. ftc proposing million dollar fine on unit of warner music group. saying they violated a child privacy law by collecting names, e-mails, home addresses even cell phone numbers of more than 100,000 children ages 12 or younger. toys "r" us getting into the streaming movie service, offering selection of children's films and movies starting today they start at $2.99 for 24 hour rental and $5.99 for digital download. new study links common chemical to hormone changes in pregnant women and their baby boys.
5:56 am
take look at some of the products which contain bpa, uc berkeley researchers studied the compound that mimics estrogen. among mothers with high levels of bpa they found a less active thyroid more active in boys no impact on baby girls the chemicals in many plastic bottles, dental sealants, -- >> what may be the future of painkillers. the black mom -- the black mambo snake is one of deadliest on the planet one bite can kill a person in 20 minutes researchers say the venom has a compound that could rival morphine and does not respiratory affects. further study on the way to see if it works on people. next, breaking traffic news, major bart delays across the bay, commute direction,
5:57 am
sue hall will have an update. mark zuckerberg made a major announcement less than two hours ago, the big milestone the company just reached. forget cardboard boxes, the company giving customers a greener option.
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